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Chiropractic Center in Edina, Minnesota

Chiropractic Office, Chiropractic Center in Edina, MN

Therapy Services to Relieve Your Pain

While the professionals at Edina Chiropractic Health Center offer a wide range of chiropractic services, we also offer several therapy services to help you relieve your pain.

From electrotherapy to massage therapy, our experienced massage therapist provides the care you need to recover from your injury.

Holistic Treatments & Supplements

Speed up the healing process from your injury when you come to Edina Chiropractic Health Center for our holistic chiropractic treatments and nutritional supplements.  

Adding these remedies to your treatment can expedite healing from many injuries, including sports injuries, auto accidents, workers' compensation accidents, internal disorders, and chronic fatigue.

About Our Doctor

Our doctor, Dr. Anderson, is a diplomat of diagnosis and internal disorders, meaning he can medically diagnose ailments that other chiropractic centers may have overlooked. As an experienced chiropractor, he provides the personalized care you need to recover from an injury or illness. 



Contact our chiropractic center today in Edina, Minnesota, to schedule an appointment for our care so you can finally alleviate your pain. 

We Accept Most Insurance Plans  |  Established in 1985


About Us

As a full-service chiropractic center in Edina, Minnesota, we provide complete and individualized treatments for all your needs. From traditional chiropractic treatments to therapy services, Edina Chiropractic Health Center offers a wide array of services to help you recover.